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Wooden Storage System for SW Plastic Trays


Ideal for use in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools as integrated storage equipment. All units (except midi and maxi units) incorporate the unique Glide & Tilt® Tray Runner System allowing the trays to stop in an angled open position without falling out of the unit making for easy access and viewing. Yet a simple manoeuvre easily removes the tray from the units.

  • Constructed from high performance Pearwood finish melamine-faced chipboard ‘MFC’ and edged with high impact resistance PVC edging.
  • Incorporating the patented Glide & Tilt® Tray Runner System.
  • Manufactured to BS:5873 part 4 for strength and stability.
  • Housing the standard Width SW 312mm wide Storage Trays.
  • Midi & Maxi box storage unit trays sit on shelves.
  • Supplied mobile with fitted castors (except for 36 tray unit which is fitted with feet).
  • Choice of tray sizes and colour combination.
  • Designed for continuous work surface option when units of similar height are located together.

Dimensions shown of wooden units are overall dimensions and include wheels or feet where appropriate.

Wooden Storage System for SW Plastic Trays
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'SW' A4 - 6 Tray
Code: CE0086
W 365 x L 695 x D 475mm
Store up to 6 plastic storage trays in this wooden unit.
'SW' A4 - 9 Tray
Code: CE0083
W 365 x L 985 x D 475mm
Perfect for the classroom, Primary, Secondary, Further Education.
'SW' A4 - 12 Tray
Code: CE0124
W 705 x L 695 x D 475mm
Perfect for classroom equipment. Stores up to 12 single depth plastic storage trays.
'SW' A4 - 18 Tray Low
Code: CE0087
W 1050 x L 695 x D 475mm
Store up to 18 plastic trays in this wooden unit. Ideal for a school classroom.
'SW' A4 - 18 Tray Tall
Code: CE0084
W 705 x L 985 x D 475mm
Stores up to 18 single depth plastic storage trays.
'SW' A4 - 27 Tray Tall
Code: CE0085
W 1050 x L 985 x D 475mm
Perfect for a Primary school, stores 27 plastic trays, enough for a whole class.
'SW' A4 - 36 Tray Tall
Code: CE0091
W 1050 x L 1320 x D 475mm
Holds up to 36 plastic storage trays, ideal for educational use.
'SW' A4 Maxi Tall
Code: CE2110
W 705 x L 1110 x D 475mm
Holds 6 quad depth plastic trays, great for a Juniour school.
'SW' A4 Maxi Low
Code: CE2111
W 1050 x L 780 x D 475mm
Wooden storage unit with 6 quad depth storage trays.
'SW' A4 Midi Tall
Code: CE2105
W 1050 x L 985 x D 475mm
Beech storage unit with 12 double depth plastic storage trays, perfect for educational use.
'SW' A4 Midi Low
Code: CE2107
W 1050 x L 695 x D 475mm
Wooden unit with 9 storage trays, perfect as a school storage system.

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