Storsystem Storage Trays

StorSystem Storage Trays

A co-ordinated range of shatterproof storage trays combining strength, durability and design detailing.

An essential component to an evolving self-organized environment. The broad range of size options supports the organisation of both small and large resources. This diversity keeps an environment de-cluttered, working perfectly for both industry and educational sectors. 

Injection moulded from engineering grade HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) or ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastics exceed all BS:5873 certification requirements. Allowing storage at a wide range of temperatures and chemical resistance to various acid, alkalis, alcohols and oils.

Unique Dual Labelling System

Reversible trays allow the use of either a ticket window label or 'Easy Peel' area for larger sticky labels

Working with our patented Glide & Tilt runner system the trays are interchangeable, reversible, and reconfigurable. Accessories are available with optional Inserts, ticket Windows, Lids, and File Frame Inserts.

Cleaning: Smooth radius corners of ease cleaning in sanitary environments; simply clean with soap & water.

Mix ‘n’ Match: Various tray heights can be combined to create custom units – the choice is endless!

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