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Glide & Tilt™ Tray Runner

A pioneering design, the Glide & Tilt® Tray Runner System with integrated “Arrestor & Tilt” feature holds the tray in an angled open position making easy access and clear display of the tray contents.

The Glide & Tilt® Runner holds the tray and stops it from falling out of the unit and yet a simple manoeuvre allows easy removal if required.

There are 2 types of runner. The Glide & Tilt® Structural Runner, available as a Triple or Single module, has been designed as a structural element for use with metal frames.

The Glide & Tilt® Panel Runner is used within carcase units and has been designed to replace existing MDF or wood runners. There is no need to change carcase dimensions as these runners are a direct replacement.

Either of the runners offers complete flexibility, there is no limit to the combination of trays that can be used within any storage unit. Both types are moulded from “Super Tuff” ABS for strength and durability and designed to suit both Standard Width (SW) 312mm wide trays and the Extra Wide (EW) A3 469mm width tray in all depths.

For more information and technical data please call 0044 (0)1582 456 955

The Certwood Glide & Tilt® Tray Runner system is protected by the following Patents and Design Applications:

  • Community Design 000659230, 001744624-0001 & 001744624-0002
  • US Design Patent D600948
  • Canadian Design Application 121660
  • UK Patent 2442935
  • US Patent Application 11/874793
  • Canadian Patent Application 2605509