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Certwood Ltd - Plastic Moulding, Technical Injection Moulding, School Storage Trays

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New UAE sales Office opens in Dubai appointing Sales Consultant Roula El Achkar as your UAE contact for the region.

MediStor - Medical Tray Storage System

MediStor Product Range

Tray Strength Drop Test

The Certwood range of 'Storsystem' Storage Tray products is the only storage tray in its class that far exceeds the rigorous standards of BS: 5873 (1998) PART 4 for an impact drop test.

The Certwood range of storage trays, moulded from 'HIPS' High Impact Polystyrene, are able to withstand a bull nosed steel weight equaling 1.25kg (2.75lbs) dropped from a height of 1.5 mtrs (5 ft), remaining intact and unbroken after ten consecutive drop tests. An alternative tray moulded in 'TFPP' Talc Filled Polypropylene is destroyed after only one drop test breaking easily and shattering into sharp shards of plastic.

Glide & Tilt ® Runner System

Introducing the NEW patented & innovative "Glide & Tilt Tray Runner Module" for safety. A pioneering design, the 'Glide & Tilt tray runner module' with integrated "Arrestor & Tilt" feature holds the tray in an angled open position making for easy access and clear display of the tray contents.

This feature allows the tray to stop in the open position without falling out of the storage unit and eliminates tray 'fall thru'. Combined with 'Supertuff shatterproof trays makes for the safest storage system available.